What does the Pontiac Housing Commission do?
Provide quality housing to public housing residents, access to resources, and coordinate assistance for Section 8 recipients (see About PHC)

How can I get on the Section 8 Waiting List?
Currently, the waiting list is closed and at this time names will not be added.

When will the Pontiac Housing Commission Re-Open its Section 8 Waiting List?
There is no exact month or date as to when the list will be opened again. If the list needs to be opened the Pontiac Hosing Commission will post notice in the local news paper and on the City's public access channel, as well as update this website to reflect that the list is open.

Who are the Board of Commissioners?
There are four Board of Commissioners: Samuel Scott, President, Alexandria Riley, Vice President, Authur Mitchell, and Neil Hilton.

What do the Commissioners do?
The Board of Commissioners are appointed for a five year term by the City of Pontiac Mayor. The Commissioners are citizens of Pontiac who govern policy and help to ensure that the Pontiac Housing Commission is fulfilling its mission and goals. They are not compensated to carry our these responsibilities and they are not employees of the Commission.

When are Housing Commission meetings Held?
Every second Monday of the month. These meetings are open to the public. All meetings are posted at the City Clerk's office and at all three Pontiac Housing Commission Sites.

Does the Pontiac Housing Commission help pay the deposit for an apartment?
Unfortunately, the PHC cannot assist in helping with deposits for an apartment. The Pontiac Housing Commission is funded with government funds by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and is only allowed to spend funds in accordance with HUD guidelines and budgetary regulations. These guidelines do not authorize assisting residents with deposits. You may feel free to contact OLHSA at 248-209-2687 or Lighthouse at (248) 920-6000 to obtain information regarding assistance with deposits.

Does the Pontiac Housing Commission assist with other housing other than through the Section 8 program, and Woodland Heights and Carriage Circle?
No. However the Pontiac Housing Commission does provide free referrals and listings of subsidized housing. You may contact our offices for more information or you can feel free to go to www.hud.gov to get more information about subsidized housing.

I'm a contractor and I would like to do business with the Pontiac Housing Commission, how can I be notified of upcoming bid opportunities?
You may contact our Procurement Officer at (248) 338-4551 ext. 200 or complete forms to be added to our Contractors listing by requesting the forms from the front desk of our Central Office

Does the Housing Commission have an annual plan, financial reports, and information regarding their futures plans and activities that I can have access to?
Yes. Our annual PHA plan is posted on HUD's website. It is also posted to the community and can be reviewed at any time at any of our local offices or at the Pontiac Library. We also have board packets that provide monthly updates and reports on the activities of the Housing Commission. This information is public and can be reviewed via an FOIA request.

I feel that my rights have been violated as it pertains to Fair Housing what can I do?
You may go to www.hud.gov and click on the information regarding Fair Housing. If your rights have been violated as it pertains to the Pontiac Housing Commission programs or you feel you have been unfairly treated please speak with the Site Manager or Program Manager. If your complaint is unresolved you may contact the Assistant to the Executive Director at (248) 338-4551 ext. 204 and request an appointment or a hearing.